An Overview

Your time has never been worth more than it is today. Our job, as we see it, is to help you optimize the use of that time through the intelligent use of corporate aircraft. No longer an indulgence for the fortunate few, the company airplane today has become accepted for what it is; a vital, productive tool.

In the right hands, the corporate aircraft can become indispensable – paying for itself in time, convenience, safety and security. Whether it is an owned asset or a fractional share, use of a charter jet card or an “ad-hoc” or occasional charter, our job is to pick the right combination of aviation assets to fit your requirements. But, in order to truly use the airplanes to their potential, you must work with specialists who understand everything about what’s involved with putting these wonderful assets to work. And that’s what we do.

For almost 40 years, clients have trusted and relied upon The Air Group to advise and direct them in the proper use of a corporate aircraft. We have provided guidance about the professional set-up and management of corporate flight departments, assisted company management in evaluating supplemental lift requirements, reviewed flight department budgets, assisted in the hiring of aviation professionals to staff the company flight department and helped design SMS and emergency action plan protocols. Clients that purchase a new or refurbished airplane can rely on us as experts in working with manufacturers, maintenance facilities and completion centers keeping projects on budget and deliveries on schedule.

In addition to our consulting services, in partnership with JetTransactions we offer a very unique approach to aircraft acquisitions and sales. The JetTransactions team offers a high degree of expertise gained through hundreds of business jet transactions and accurate daily market research. For both Buyers and Sellers, this process enables us to predict true fair market values. We work in concert with your company team and customize our services to meet your specific needs - whether this is a first-time transaction or we’re working with a corporate flight department that has participated in multiple transactions. For more about JetTransactions, please click on this link:

There are many ways to utilize corporate aircraft and many companies loudly proclaiming that their way is the fastest, cheapest, most convenient, most secure and most luxurious way to fly privately. As in any field, there are the good guys and then some you just don’t want to entrust with your money or your flying safety. Our job is to see through the smoke, sort out the options, see what the real differences are among the alternatives, know what questions to ask and, finally, to help you make an educated decision. Give us a call and find out how we can help.